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To provide opportunities for people to become valued, contributing members of society

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Executive Director
James T. Brown


Since 1971, Operation de Novo has offered a new beginning and a chance for a brighter future by providing diversion services for adult and juvenile clients referred by Hennepin County Court the opportunity to be valued, contributing members of society.

Diversion is Designed to:


offer persons charged with a criminal offense alternatives to traditional criminal justice or juvenile justice proceedings


allow entrance to the program on a voluntary basis


give the accused access to a lawyer prior to a decision to participate  


occurs after the criminal act, but before the crime is charged in court


result in dismissal of charges, or its equivalent, if the person successfully completes the diversion process



Operation de Novo was developed in 1971 to provide pre-trial diversion services to local courts in Hennepin County.  It was originally sponsored by the Urban Coalition of Minneapolis and known as the Hennepin County Pre-Trial Diversion Project.  Since its inception, the program has operated with various funding sources including the Department of Labor, LEAA, Hennepin County and local foundations.  In 1974, the program was incorporated as a private, non-profit agency.  Since August 1975, the primary source of funding has been through a purchase of service contract with the Hennepin County Community Corrections Department, and in 1999, the purchase of service contract switched to the Hennepin County Attorney’s Office.

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Operation de Novo, Inc.

James T. Brown with Ann Remington, Board Chair


Operation de Novo, Inc.
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